VOC Leak Detection

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The Solution

IRT Consult, Inc. will deploy Specialist Thermal Imaging Equipment to pinpoint the source of any potential leak that may be present on your site.

Typically we can monitor on average 3,000 + components per hour which offers considerable time and cost savings when compared against the typically 500 components being monitored on a daily basis using traditional "Hand-Held Sniffer" Technology.

Leaks Can Be Detected In:

  • Tank cars
  • Pipelines
  • Process plant
  • Compressor Sites
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Tank Farms
  • Gas Transmission Pipelines
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • LNG Transport Ships

With surveys being undertaken from the ground and in the case of pipelines we can survey transmission lines from the air in a fraction of the time when compared with traditional methods.