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If you only have a requirement for Specialist Survey Equipment once or twice a year, or if you have a special project that could benefit from the use of our specialist equipment then we might provide the perfect solution. IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd HireQuip service allows you to hire the specialist equipment you need, when you need it.

Advantages of IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd HireQuip Service:

Hire the most effective system for your own particular needs from Irelands' independent thermal imaging, Leak Detection and Environmental Survey specialists.

Discover the benefits of infrared and Leak Detection

Hiring an infrared camera or leak detection equipment gives you the opportunity to rationalise your predictive maintenance programmes. A cost-effective introduction to the fascinating worlds of infrared, Compressed Air Leak Surveys or Gas Leak Detection. Hiring a system will clearly illustrate how you can save money from the very first day.

Convince others that you can easily can boost profitability

Hiring a thermal imaging, Compressed Air Leak Detection or Gas Leak Detection system for our minimum of just 2 days and carrying out inspections around your organisation will undoubtedly reveal potential problem areas that would otherwise have gone undetected. Reporting these to management can present a convincing argument for implementing a regular inspection programme and including the purchase of your own equipment in the annual budget.

Require more than one camera in your organisation

Sometimes one infrared camera is not enough. Multiple installations may need to be inspected at the same time or inspections may need to be carried out at different sites. Maybe you need one camera for predictive maintenance but need a different specification for a research and development project. In these situations, hiring a camera is the ideal solution.

Short and Long Term Hire

IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd hire agreements range from short to long-term periods. The minimum hire period is just 2 days.

Equipment Available for Hire

IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd has the following equipment available for hire:

Equipment Minimum Hire Period Operator Available Accessories Available
Laptop Reporting Software Tripod
Flir P660 Thermal Imaging Camera 2 Days Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flir Gas FindIR HSX OGI System 1 Week Yes Yes Yes Yes
UE Systems Ultraprobe 10,000 2 Days Yes Yes Yes N/A
Bacharach Hi-Flow Sampler 2 Days Yes N/A N/A N/A

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