Aerial Surveys

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If you have large tracts of land or large roof areas to be inspected then we have the perfect solution for you, with an IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd Aerial Thermographic Survey. With an Aerial survey it is possible to survey vast areas in a relatively short time frame.

Survey from the air is suitable for the following

  • Flat roof surveys (Multiple Properties)
  • Location of buried services i.e. steam/hot water lines
  • Location of illegal burning of waste
  • Location of buried waste
  • Checking for sources of pollution of waterways
  • Overhead powerline inspection
  • Inspection of gas pipelines for leaks
  • Animal census e.g. Seal counts, Deer counts etc.

Whatever your requirements we here at IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd will work with your staff in finding the best solution for you.

Contact IRT Consult Environmental & Energy Ltd now to arrange a thermographic survey.